PowerEye lens for top performance

HS Performance eyewear using Powereye™ lenses. Developed with years of top-level experience and utmost care for your protection and performance.

Henrik Stenson Performance eyewear offers complete protection from the sun’s harmful rays, both Blue light and UV radiation. By using our Powereye™ technology, sun glare and other visual and optical interference is effectively reduced, preventing eye fatigue.

The Powereye™ lens enhances contrast so the terrain appears more distinct while at the same time maintaining a natural colour balance. The result is superior visual comfort at all times. Experience Henrik Stenson Eyewear – optimized for your protection and performance.

Powereye ™ is one of the best lenses for high vision demands.

Highly functional HD Polycarbonate lens with maximum visual clarity without vision distortion. Well suited for golf and other sports activities with high visual demands.

High comfort and protection with base curve 6 to 8. Unbreakable and scratch resistant lens. Extra wide view for split vision lenses and a full eye cover.

Powereye lenses comes in Grey, Brown and Pink colors with a light silver mirror coating and  extreme hydrofobic coating.

Powereye ™ Specifications

  • High Blue Light filtration
  • Full protection from UV-A, UV-B, UV-C
  • Improved visional performance, no optical distortion, split vision lens
  • Impact resistance, Scratch resistance
  • Enhanced definition
  • High contrast vision
  • Maximum visual clarity
  • Superior glare reduction
  • Reduces visual fatigue

Powereye ™ Xtra

  • HIGH TECH MIRROR COATING: mirror coatings improve the visual performance. Combine that with our high tech lens material and HD/contrast lenses, HS Performance sunglasses deliver the best in optics and visual
  • SUPER HYDROPHOBIC COATING: Permanent coating on the front of the lens that repels oil, grease, sweat, water and fingerprints
  • ANTI SCRATCH COATING: Polycarbonate is a high impact-resistance material, with hard coating is applied to give you the best anti scratch lens.

Regular lens (left) and Powereye lens (right).

PowerEye lens swap

It’s easy to swap lenses, just follow these simple instructions: